drawing some people at work.

drawing some people at work.

making a bed: part 2

here we go! part 2! pictures of the final stretch.

imagehere’s the bed with the skirt screwed onto the cantilevers.

imageputting in t-nuts into the ends of the cantilevers. screws go through the brackets on the inside of the skirt and into these t-nuts.

imagecutting out plywood pieces and drilling holes for where the bolt heads on the cantilevers can come through.

imagedecided on 4 pieces of plywood for easier moving. look, it’s floating!

imagea blurry picture of the underside. the illusion is broken!

imagemaking the headboard supports. we had a slight problem where the thread insert i was screwing in tore open and i couldn’t screw it in more nor take it out. so i had to epoxy a spare bolt into it and yank it out after it dried.

imageputting in a new insert. this time i was careful and took my time putting it in. threaded inserts were also used to attach the cantilevers into the base and to connect the skirt together at the corners.

imageheadboard complete! yes, this was a 3 drill project.

imageso after putting the skirt together, there was a problem with the corners not being flush. now how to fix this? maybe take it apart and trim it? but what if it was inaccurate? all that work for nothing. my buddy suggested belt sanding the ends down. it worked for some of the slightly off sections (no more than 2-3 millimeters), but completely brutal for the corners where it was off by more than half a centimeter. plus the sander would scratch up the grain of the adjoining planks, which would be a pain in the ass to fix. sometimes power tools can’t solve everything, so you go back to good ol fashioned hand tools. i used a japanese saw, and it turned out so beautifully, i almost cried. you can see in the first pic how flush the saw can make the cut.

imagethis is how the bed stands when i’m not at the shop working on it.

imagedisassembled and ready to take home!

imagecan’t believe it all fit in the car. i did this when LA got hit with one of the shittest rainstorms i’ve ever seen, on either coast. of all the days…

and finished! after an additional two weeks of sanding and oiling… sometimes you think you’ll never be done! so ends this adventure in making my first serious piece of furniture. maybe i’ll get some of those fancy 1000-thread count sheets to celebrate.

tired of dusty clothes…made an apron. double denim action!

tired of dusty clothes…made an apron. double denim action!

making a bed: part 1

since moving to LA, stephen and i have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor. i thought about getting a bed frame, but then decided why not make one instead? finally got around to it…six months later.

my woodshop buddy came up with a cool design and was kind enough to embark on the project with me, as i needed guidance and someone to help me lift all the heavy stuff! it is not done yet, but with a part 1 there inevitably will come a part 2, which will motivate me to finish all the sooner!

imagestraight from the lumberyard! african mahogany and one piece of poplar

image2x6 boards for the cantilevers

imagegluing down supports for platform

imageplatform pieces oiled up and drying in my laundry room

imageputting in the hardware for the platform—this bed can be taken apart for easy moving

imagethe platform all put together

imagethe cantilevers all in place.

so ends part 1! the skirt—which rests on top of the cantilevers and what the mattress will fit into—has been finished already (pics to be seen in part 2). all that is left is the headboard and a few odds and ends. so close!

made a 4x6 walnut picture frame with a little ghostie drawing inside. a gift for a friend.

made a 4x6 walnut picture frame with a little ghostie drawing inside. a gift for a friend.

hiking in topanga canyon

attempting different approaches to watercolor landscapes

more picture frames…for christmas gifts! was rushing to get these done last week just in time for the holidays. nothing is more satisfying than a perfectly fitted miter.

joshua tree, a lil painting

joshua tree, a lil painting

falcon businessmen

falcon businessmen

adventures in picture frame making! so when i joined the woodshop, i decided i wanted to make a custom frame for this picture of my mom from the seventies:


thus, adventures in picture frames making began. and my first solo woodworking project! i made some tiny frames. then i got drunk at a blink-182 concert and bought a silkscreen poster. so i made a big frame. here comes some poorly documented photos of the process.

imagei had no corner clamps, so i built this thingamajig to clamp my big frame together after gluing. i found this guy on youtube who used the old school method. it worked awesomeeee.


imagedrilled down pieces of wood to keep the frame nice and flat. the blocks at each corner are knocked into place, and the tension keeps the corners of the frame in place while the glue dries.

imagesanding the miter joints. for a frame this big though, a stronger joint would be better…next time.

imageoiled and finished.

imagecutting glass!! didn’t even know you could do this at home. such a satisfying feeling after you score the glass and knock it apart.

imagetiny frames.

imageoh hey mom, you’re in a fancy frame now.

a fun time was had. i will definitely be making more. the end!